The Covid-19 Compliance Pack

R500.00 Excluding VAT

Moonstone’s latest product offers Peace of Mind in knowing that, as a business, you have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that, not only have you complied with the regulatory requirements, but that you have ensured a safer work environment for employees returning to work.

The COVID-19 Compliance Pack provides:

  • essential guidance
  • self-help tools
  • and documents for businesses

Download Size: 35mb



As a result, it eases the tedious process and assists with meeting the regulatory requirements in respect of workplace readiness in compliance with the COVID-19 readiness requirements.

Failure to comply with requirements can lead to fines, criminal prosecution and civil liability.

The pack contains the following documents and templates:

Latest Legislation and Directives from the departments:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Justice & Constitutional Development
  • Labour
  • Transport
  • SARS

Other Resources:

  • Common Covid-19 questions
  • Guidelines for symptom monitoring and management
  • Workplace Preparedness

COVID-19 Visitor Screening Questionnaire and Declaration

COVID-19 Working from Home Guidelines

COVID-19 Workplace Plan

COVID-19 Compliance Officer Appointment Letter

COVID-19 Employee Health Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Guidelines

COVID-19 Workplace Readiness Checklist

COVID-19 Workplace Risk Assessment

Infectious disease preparedness and response plan COVID-19

Permit to Perform Essential Service or Permitted Services Regulation 16(2)(b) and 28(4)

Also included: Access to register for Moonstone’s online course, Managing the Coronavirus, which is a guide for both employers and employees. It provides an overview of important facts relating to the coronavirus, as well as the best practices to be implemented within the workplace/ remote workplace, so as to protect staff and clients. This is followed by an examination of the rights and responsibilities of employers during the coronavirus pandemic.